We were delighted to accept the invitation from the staff at DKIT’s Engineering Department to attend the recent and first Primary Schools STEM Quiz. The STEM Quiz was one of a number of events being held at DKIT to mark STEPS Engineers Week 2023.

The Aston Village ETNS teams consisted of 8 students from our sixth classes: Alicia, Jaydon, Izaan and Louis from James’ class and Henry, Abigail, Alex and Deniz from Bronagh’s class. Teams attended from all over County Louth and such was the success of the event, the organisers hope to make this an annual quiz.

The quiz itself consisted of 8 rounds across the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The questions included; “Who was the second person on the moon?”, “What is the surface area of a cube with an edge measuring 5cm?” and “What’s the hardest natural substance in the world?”

In the end, and after a long battle, our team from Bronagh’s class managed to hold off all the competition and claim the overall winners prize! Congratulations to both of our teams for their great performances and for representing the school with great pride. Now on to next year so we can retain the trophy!

We send a big thank you to Gareth Kelly and all the staff at DKIT for hosting this great event and for helping us mark STEPS Engineers Week 2023.