STEM Fair 2019


It’s a particularly busy time of year for students and teachers as they complete subject work whilst also attempting to juggle the likes of school tours, some children have confirmation and communion days, sports day practice, rehearsals for year-end shows, school reports, and so on. Yet this year our students and teachers still managed to squeeze in time for our first ever STEM Fair to showcase the teaching and learning that took place in relation to STEM subjects this year. Wednesday was our student day with classes presenting to the rest of the school, whilst on Thursday morning parents and visitors had the opportunity to come along and view their work. Both days proved to be a huge hit with the students and all concerned and we thank all of our students, teachers and staff as well as the PTA and parents for their contributions in making the event a big success.

The presentations were amazing and varied in theme. They included:
Junior Infants and their research into the best configuration for O-shaped wing flight, Senior Infants and their demonstrations of Amazing Mazes featuring the ever-popular Bee-Bot coding tools, First Class and the wonderful investigation into whether oil and water mix which produced mesmerising lava-lamp effects, Second Class and their investigations into the importance of recycling, Third Class’s search for the perfect volcanic eruption, Fourth Class answering the question, “Do plants need light to grow?” and Fifth Class designing and making traffic lights. We also had Coiscéim represented by Morgan in Gearóid’s class who defied gravity with his minecraft insights, Ava and Rebecca demonstrating their hugely impressive ‘Hydraulic Labyrinth’ and some sixth class students demonstrating and presenting their experience with the VEX Robotics project.

Well done all!

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