Religion Classes

Catholic Religion Classes – Information for Parents & Guardians

A group of parents with children in Aston Village Educate Together NS got together with a view to finding a way to provide religious instruction to our own children. As a result a Catholic Religion Class was set up. The group is part of the Parent Teacher Association.

Here are some pictures of the recent cohort of children who made their First Holy Communion in May 2014.
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To make it possible for classes to continue to run, we have drawn some guidelines for all involved to follow.


  • To be able to receive Sacraments (1st Holy Communion, Confirmation) a child is required to attend Catholic Religious Education from Junior Infants one hour per week for the school year.
  • Our classes are on Monday from 3.00 – 4.15 each week.


  • The cost of the class for the 2010/2011 school year is €4 per child per class. Fees are paid monthly on the first Monday of each month.
  • If there is any problems with payment please contact Antoinette.

Books and Materials

  • All children should have books, folders and materials (e.g. colouring pencils)with them.


  • Parents/guardians are fully responsible for their children until class commences at 3.00.
  • Supervisors are required for each class for three main reasons.  To take the roll, to supervise the children before classes begin and to be available in case the teacher needs assistance, as can happen in the case of a sick child, for instance.
  • When you register your child, please ensure you sign up for supervision or nominate someone to do it in your place.  Please bring your diary along with you.  If you are unable to supervise on the day it is your responsibility to find someone to replace you.
  • Any adult is welcome to come along to supervise, whether or not they are Catholic.  Also there is no problem in bringing along younger siblings.

The Facilities

  • We are extremely grateful to the school for allowing us to use their facilities.  We hope that we will be in a position to use the facilities for a long time to come. To this end we would ask you to remind your child to adhere to the school’s Behavioural Code.
  • Please note that repeated, serious breaches of discipline will result in exclusion from the class.
  • Please do not direct any communication in relation to religion classes through the school. The school has no role in relation to the religious instruction, we are merely using the facilities.


  • Any communications regarding religion classes will be sent home in your child’s religion folder. If you wish to speak to the teacher, please do so through Antoinette and not directly. This will minimize disruption.


Notes are required for the following

  • children who are allowed walk home alone
  • if anyone other that those designated are collecting your child

Record Keeping

  • We take a roll every week.  The roll is inspected by the Diocesan Representatives who make the decision as to whether or not each child has received sufficient instruction to be in a position to take the sacraments.  Therefore, it is essential that you provide an absence note for your child, which will be attached to the roll.

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