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2017 Chairperson’s Address.

Chairperson’s Speech at the AGM  (September 2017)

Hello Aston Village Educate Together National School (AVETNS)  families! If you are new to AVETNS, welcome to our amazing school. My name is Sarah Duku and I am your Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Chairperson. This is my 5th year at AVETNS and my 3rd year serving on  the PTA.

AVETNS is truly a special place. I could not have asked for a better Primary school experience for my child. Why is AVET NS so special? First, the ethos and the vision of the administrators make AVETNS the most nurturing, safe, creative, and cutting edge place to learn. Second, The teachers’ love and patience towards our children, their smiles the minute they greet our children in the morning, their lesson plans and enthusiasm as they present material to the students in fun and engaging ways. Third, so many of the parents at AVETNS are incredibly supportive of the school and PTA. This is evident through our fundraising events.

For our new parents, the PTA is a non-profit organization run totally by volunteer parents and each one of the parents is a PTA member by default.

“The overall aim of AVETNS PTA is to promote the best interests of the students and make every child’s potential a reality by empowering parents to actively participate in school activities, engage with teachers and to generate resources for the advancement of the interests of the school.”

The PTA executive is comprised of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and members.

PTA meets once a month.

We work very closely with the  Principal, Teachers and Board of Management to provide enrichment for our students beyond what is in the regular curriculum. One of the main objectives of the  PTA is to fundraise. Last year the PTA had a very successful year in terms of fundraising. We held 4 events: Halloween disco in October, School cook book launch in November, Winter extravaganza in December, Valentine disco in February and summer camp in July.  We raised total of  €5,927.15 during the academic year. These events would not have been successful without the huge support from PTA and attendance of the parents body.

All the proceeds for our efforts go back to the the school through fantastic projects. Some projects are visible but other are invisible to us. The visible  would be  our  community garden which we have received excellent feedback. Our huge thanks to Brian who coordinated the project and our parents in the PTA who made this possible. Others would be invisible to parents but visible and valuable to our children. We provide a €150 monthly grant teachers of among a few.  The teachers grant is a donation from the PTA to specific and valuable  projects run by our teachers which are not covered by the school budget. We funded 7 projects over  the academic year which are: National Science week, Resources for Math and  literacy stations, Covers for school iPads, Day out for Coisciem pupils, Educational games and resources for Coisceim and The School’s  green committee. As we can see, our efforts go to very useful and educational initiatives. The PTA also supports the school through non fundraising events. The annual Hat parade, Autism day and Children’s day. This year we donated board games to each class on children’s day.

We also fundraise for charitable causes. Last year we fundraised €1000 through a bake sale for two worthwhile causes, the ISPCC and the Famine in South Sudan.

The PTA has other roles to play in the school. We contribute to the school’s policies. Last year the PTA reviewed the safety and anti bullying school policies. This is an important aspect of our work as we inform and positively critique the school on issues that impact our children’s welfare and wellbeing.

One area in which continue to be challenging is membership of the PTA and helpers for our events. We are planning to establish a database of helpers for the new school year to try to address this by having a list of potential helpers we can call on. It is important that we continue to build on the increased support for our events.

I am looking forward to welcoming several new members onto the committee this year which I believe will help bring new ideas and  spread the task of organising our fundraising events.

This year I hope to achieve the following with the approval and support  of the PTA:

  1. To double our financial resources by tapping into external funding polls in order  to continue the work of the PTA
  2. Organize talks for parents which will enhance our capacity to support the development of our children
  3. PTA has a constitution and am hoping that we will review it to mirror our work and aspirations and to write our financial plan and policy to guide our work..  
  4. Publish our accounts every quarter through our school website and newsletter
  5. Network with other PTA’s

I encourage you to support PTA’s efforts throughout the year so that we may continue to provide these wonderful enrichment experiences for the children.

Dear parents, the more you engage with the school community, the more rewarding your experience at AVETNS will be.  I encourage you to look for opportunities to volunteer and share your experience and talents. you can contact us @ or through the school.

It is my pleasure to present to you our 2016/2017 financial report (please click).

Thank you

Sarah Duku



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