Our trip to Dublinia

On the 14th of February we went to Dublinia. The ride there was one hour and thirty minutes but it was worth it. When we arrived a nice lady dressed as a viking seamstress. Her hair was covered with a towel because she was married. The first room had a longboat. We learned that the vikings put dragon heads carved out of wood on the front of the boat to scare off people but they could take it off to not start a fight. In the next room you could see what the warriors wore. It turned out that women and men were equal and there were many famous female vikings. After that room we saw a real skeleton and a display of how  usually the viking towns looked like. In the fourth room we saw a longhouse,we got to go into it. There were two long benches where the vikings slept,a fire and poles to hold up the roof. The woman had the key to the house.It turns out that some vikings sold children as slaves beside the bay. Then we went into a house that had windows without glass so you could hear everything your neighbors said. At the time there were lots of diseases because there were lots of animals. At the end there was a fair. You could throw apples at a prisoner, dress up and look at different stalls. After that there was a gift shop. Then we had our lunch and headed back to school. It was worth the wait.

Sophia Ermolin