The Intercultural Review

During this step of the Yellow Flag Programme of work, we sought to identify the intercultural and diversity issues that exist in the school.

An audit of current provision and practice was carried out in October using 2 questionnaires devised by John, Dermot and student representatives including Diversity Committee and Student’s Council members in consultation with their peers.

These questionnaires reviewed the school’s inclusivity in terms of ethos, teaching and learning, home/school/community links and professional development.

One questionnaire was given to children and another to parents. A total of 228 questionnaires were sent home to adults and an impressive 80% responded.

This review yielded rich information which was analysed by the Committee during January and February and which we have summarised and include here as feedback from parents and children. We also enclose copies of both questionnaires, which have also been forwarded to ET Head Office for use as a resource in other schools.

The Diversity Committee used this formal information gathering and more informal methods such as staff meetings, coffee mornings and chats with parents and other stakeholders to inform our action plan.

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