Anti-Racism Training

On September 13th 2010, Paula Madden YF Co-ordinator with the ITM, introduced the whole staff to the Yellow Flag Programme and outlined the steps we would undertake as a community to support interculturalism and inclusion.

On September 30th, the staff was joined by parents and management representatives to participate in the first session of Anti-Racism and Intercultural Awareness Training, facilitated by Paula and Dil Wickremasinghe. This session provided a safe space for discussion and reflection on issues around interculturalism.

This was followed up with a second session on April 4th 2011 with Paula and Marian Tannam with a focus on challenging racist attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

This training has enabled us as staff and parents to understand the impact of prejudice and discrimination on children and their families, to understand the importance of promoting equality and diversity in our school and to assist us in our goal to develop inclusive policies and practices. We hope to avail of further training in the future.

We enclose in this section notes from our training sessions and feedback from participants following the introductory session.

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