Active Flag

Welcome to our School page for the Active Flag campaign.

Our committee members.

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Parents and Families

Parental or guardian support and interest can positively influence the nature and extent of a child’s or young person’s participation in physical activity and sport. This influence is most effective where parents or guardians pursue an active lifestyle themselves. Valuable information for parents and guardians can be found on:

• Get Ireland Active Children’s Fact Sheet (HSE)

• Get Kids on the Go (Irish Heart Foundation)

Online at: http://www.getirelandactive.ie/index.php?p=publications

More links to useful websites can be accessed by clicking here.


How did you get to school today?

Here are graphed results of our survey carried out on February 27th. Please click on the images below to reveal enlarged graphs.


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Recent sports activities in school.


10km Challenge



Irish Water Safety run Water Safety Weeks during the summer for children. Further information can be found on www.iws.ie and www.dublinwatersafety.ie

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