Owing to various school closures over the past year and a half we were again unable to host our AV STEM Fair this year and twice had to delay our Cell Explorers workshop with 5th class students. On Friday, Anna & Padraig’s classes finally got to carry out the experiements and everyone agreed, it was worth the wait. Thanks to our friends at Cell Explorers (https://www.cellexplorers.com/) and in particular, Dr Caroline Gilleran-Stephens and her team at DKIT we were provided with 2 “Fantastic DNA in a Box” classroom kits earlier in the year with which to facilitate the workshops in school. The students all loved the experience and were thrilled not just with the chance to be out of their classrooms, but also to be involved in such an exciting workshop, learn about DNA and to take home their own banana DNA at the end of the day. As a follow-up the students all constructed their own DNA double-helix models and recorded their experiments in picture form. We certainly have some future scientists in the making at AVETNS! Well done everyone!

STEM 5th Cell Explorers / Google Photos